Providing world class research and strategic analysis of value chains

Incept provides world class research and strategic analysis of value chains for Fortune 500 clients, helping enable them to achieve their business objectives.

With over thirty years of international experience over a wide range of assignments, we deliver advanced analysis and optimisation of demand, supply, cost, profit and sustainability, from local studies to global network evaluation.

We access a network of domain experts, and curate leading research content, tools and proprietary industry data, to provide the resources clients need, as an integrated solution.

Rather than applying standard packaged methods to the vast range of current value chain opportunities and challenges, Incept identifies the best approach in each specific case, tailoring client solutions from best in class resources, to provide new, multi-faceted insights.

This approach gives a fresh clarity and deeper understanding of the causes, identifies more solutions while quantifying impact scenarios, and providing the insights required to make the best decisions, whether operational or strategic.


Cost Optimisation

Our innovative detailed analysis of value network flows and activity identifies previously hidden cost reduction opportunities

Making Things Real

Identifying potential cost and profit improvements can only add value when they are realised. Changing modern integrated supply networks involves many “stakeholders”. By modelling the impacts of actionable scenarios, on all the value chain actors, we identify the viable ‘win-win’ options, stakeholder benefits and contributions required for successful implementation

Optimise Profit

We take profit management to the next level by identifying true net profit contribution for specific products goods or services, and the most effective ways to maximise it.

Reduce Waste

From energy to packing waste, producer responsibility to CO2e emissions, our domain expertise, tools and methodology deliver seamless sustainability analysis to enhance your triple bottom line.

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Efficient operation of supply networks
through effective collaboration

Effective Colaboration

Efficient operation of contemporary integrated supply networks is increasingly dependent on effective collaboration between actors (logistics providers, buyers and suppliers).

Model Highly Complex Scenarios

The NVM tools can model highly complex scenarios, combining time series, product ranges, logistics activity, transport mix and commercial arrangements. We also apply optimisation to these areas as required.

Performance Analytics

Our unique logistics analysis tools, provide “end to end” network level, detailed performance analytics. Using synthetic productivity data and industry methodologies, helps collaborating clients to overcome problems of trust, and reconciling results between actors using different models.

Pinpoint Performance

A unique hybrid approach integrates activity costing and value stream mapping, results in quantitative models with an exceptional ability to identify relationships between value and costs. Using these we can pinpoint performance in your business, and identify the impact of related scenarios, providing an enhanced range of options on how to improve future performance.